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Koehler Group

Expansion into China Webinar Series - hosted by Koehler Group

Published: 24-Mar-2017 08:50 am
Publisher: Koehler Group

Koehler Group is pleased to announce its Expansion into China Webinar Series from March 23rd to 31st 2017. Together with Koehler Group's China Alliance we will be formulating webinars on the pertinent issues that small-to-medium sized, privately owned companies as well multinational corporations must focus on when entering and/or operating in the Chinese market. If you are interested in joining in the Series, please find below the topics of the various webinar sessions and a link to register for them.

  • March 23rd: China’s Value-Added Tax Reform – The end!
  • March 24th: The evolving China Transfer Pricing Landscape
  • March 27th: Brace for Impact - Challenges in importing and exporting in China
  • March 28th: What is legal employment in China and how can one dismiss employees in China?
  • March 29th: China Corporate Compliance – Updates and Tips for Securing one’s China Investment
  • March 30th: Anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulation and enforcement in China
  • March 31st: How to exit China successfully - a brief guide on what to know

 For registration to the complimentary webinars and for detailed information on the topics, please click

Please note that only registrants of the webinars will receive the presentations and recordings (if agreed on by our speakers) and that space is limited.

For further information please contact our Director, Mrs. Kristina Koehler-Coluccia at 


Koehler Group, a CSC® company, is an international accounting and management consulting firm established in 1979 to help organizations interested in entering and expanding their business throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. By joining U.S.-based Corporation Service Company® (CSC)—a leading global provider of corporate compliance and subsidiary management, digital brand services for top global brands, and due diligence and transactional services for the world’s largest financial institutions—we now offer more services to our local clients, as well as expanded offerings to clients in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Koehler Group is managed by an international and local team of accountants, trade consultants, and legal professionals on the ground in Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China—providing a wide range of market entry consulting, incorporation, tax, accounting, and human resource services. The members of our team are multilingual, and our cultural and professional diversity gives us the flexibility and knowledge required to understand our clients’ needs and offer integrated service packages. Sharing our understanding and knowledge of both the West and China is one of the main principles of our success.

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